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I am web designer. I like to push and pull pixels, the web standards and the users can use and access the web I create.

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Website of the film O Apostolo Company's corporate image ENFITAS Flash Web cosmetic surgery clinic Clínica Maiz Corporate image of the Alpha-1 Association Website design Technologies Denodo Corporate image of the Galician Network of Centers for New Technologies Webpage design Micropolix amusement park Corporate image Tobiko sushi bar Flash Game for Xacobeo 2010

About me

Hello, my name is Antonio Frade. I am web designer although sometimes I do some graphic design, 3D modelling and infoarchitecture.

In addition of all design related matters (architecture, interior design, flyers, typhography, etc.) I used to enjoy reading, playing the current PS3 or XBox shooter o burning calories in the tennis field.

Currently I am avaliable for freelance or in-company positions.

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These are the services that I offer:

  • Web design.
  • Web layout using the lastest web standards, accesibility, usability and crossbrowser & multidevice layout.
  • Flash design and coding.
  • Corporate image and visual identity.
  • Graphic design for paper formats (like brochures, catalogs, etc).
  • Web or graphic design consulting.
  • Event photography.
  • 3D design and photorealistic render.

El sitio Flash de Ars Longa estará disponible en breve.

Selected works 2003-2010

  • O Apostolo website

    Interface · PHP · JQuery

    Website developed for Artefacto Producciones for its new film O Apostolo.

  • Clínica Maiz website

    Flash · Actionscript · XML

    Clinica Maiz's website developed for Maiz Creativos. The site is made in flash with dynamic xml data loading.

  • Micropolix fair website

    HTML · CSS · jQuery

    Layout made over a design given by El hombre con dos cerebros for the Micropolix amusement park

  • Peregrino Rui

    Flash · Actionscript · XML

    Flash game developed for Reverso Comunicación as part of the itinerant exposition of Xacobeo 2010.

  • ArsLonga 2009 Christmas Card

    Diseño · Flash

    Promotional christmas card created for Versak Estudio . The design was made in Photoshop and the animation in Flash.

  • Denodo website

    Interface · HTML · CSS

    Design for the Denodo Technologies company made as part of the consulting works performed for it.

  • CEXCO corporate website

    Flash · Actionscript · XML

    Flash website created for Maiz Creativos. The project was complemented later with a custom CMS also done in flash.

  • Escola G. de Coaching

    Flash · Actionscript · XML

    Advertising microsite developed in flash for the Escola Galega de Coaching. The site was online while the full site was in develop stage.

  • eBitacora template

    HTML · CSS

    XHTML+CSS template created for Netex company to speed up the develop process of the Movistar eBitácora product line.

  • PC Box Redesign

    Interface · Architecture

    Redesign of the PC Box website. In addition to the graphic work the menus and categories was re-formuled to improve the usability and accesibility.

  • DECATHLON Redesign

    Interface · Architecture

    Re-design of the Decathlon website. As in PC Box proposal, the product cat. and menus was redesigned to make the site more user-friendly.

  • Enfitas Corp. Image

    Branding · Graphic Design

    Basic corporate image created for Enfitas SL company.

  • Retgalia Visual Image


    Visual image for Galician Technologic Center Network. The project defined the basement for the posterior corporate image.

  • Escola G. de Coaching

    Branding · Graphic Design

    In this project the visual image of the Escola Ga. de Coaching was defined, extending it later with a complete image work.

  • Denodo Technologies Advert

    Graphic Design

    Advertising for Denodo Tecfnologies company, to be published in an IT magazine.

  • Alfa-1 Corporate Image

    Branding · Graphic Design

    Corporate image works for the Alfa-1 Spain association. The works covered all the areas (like corp. paper, envelopments, brochures, etc).

  • Galega do Moble Assoc.


    Visual image for Galega do Moble association. The purpose of this action was adapt de image to the present and give to it a unique personality.

  • Hércules Real State


    Visual image creation for Hércules Real State. The corp. image was completed with a basic set of paper applications.

  • With you at Christmas Campaign

    Graphic Design · Packaging

    Trade promotion campaign created for the local Chamber of Commerce of Ferrol.

  • Potum Imagen Visual


    Visual image created for the english company of mobile advertising Potum.

  • Ydilo: Fuego


    Visual image of voice recognition software Ydilo: Fuego.

  • Card 2009 Chamber of Commerce

    Graphic Design

    Flash eCard created for the Chamber of Commerce to compliment the Christmas of 2009.


El sitio Flash de Ars Longa estará disponible en breve.


I like to consider myself a web creative with concerns for all web design related matters, typhography and, in the technic field, the web standards, the semantic code, the (impossible, but not for it less challenging) search of the perfect CSS.

In the personal field I like to enjoy the life with girlfriend and friend, play tennis, the good cuisine and read almost every novel that falls in my hands (better if it is sci-fi or horror related).

In an abstract manner I can resume my skills in the following:

  • Fully understanding of the webdesign theory.
  • Technical knowloedge of: HTML, CSS and XML.
  • Unintrusive Javascript, DOM scripting, JQuery and Actionscript 2.0.
  • Use of the web standards, semantic code and usability and accesibility concepts.
  • Expert in the use of the main field's tools: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Freehand, 3D Max, Premiere, AE, etc.


In 1997 I got my Técnico Especialista en Informática de Gestión degree in the IES Rodolfo Ucha. However I never stop of obtain new skills and improve the existing. As proof of this fact I am currently studying the Multimedia Grade in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

I also have the Adobe Certified Associate In Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Additionally I had studied the following training activities:

  • Digital Edition with Photoshop CS4. CNTG 2010.
  • Content development for mobile. CNTG 2010.
  • Product virtual presentation using Adobe Flash. CIS D&T 2006.
  • Texturing advanced techniques. CIS D&T 2005.
  • Curso of expresions and photographic composition. San Saturnino 2004.

Profesional Experience

Freelance Web Creative

several companies2003-Present

Giving to clients of the Iberian zone(Artefacto Producciones, Netex, Wireless Galicia, Denodo Technologies, Alfa-1, Cámara de Comercio, Industría y Navegación de Ferrol, Escola Galega de Coaching, etc) services of consulting, design and web development, such as:

  • Design and web interfacedevelopment using HTML+CSS+JS.
  • Design and creation of microsites and emailing campaigns.
  • Consulting in usability and accesibility.
  • Optimization (crossbrowser, imagen, html & CSS) and redesign of existing websites.
  • Flash animation, games, and websites.
  • Develop of RIA using XHTML, CSS and AJAX.

Freelance Art Director

several companies2003-Present

Developing, for various companies (Denodo Technologies, Cámara de Comercio, Industría y Navegación de Ferrol, Escola Galega de Coaching, Jandei S.L., etc) branding projects, advertisenet graphics and propotional packaging.

Freelance Flash Creative

Maiz Creativos2009-Present

Maiz creativos is an important design studio, located in Santiago de Compostela, with more of 4 years of experience and a wide gamma of services. The main tasks that I had developed for them are the design and creation of graphic concepts and flash websites.

Multimedia Designer

CIS D&T2000-2009

The Innovation and Services Center is part of the Xunta of Galicia's new technology centers network, that provides consulting and services in I+D to the galician industrial infrastructure, acting as technological partner in its main innovation and research projects.

  • Design and develop of web interfaces using HTML+CSS+JS.
  • Design and creation ofCD-Roms and interactive DVDs.
  • Infographic simulations.
  • Branding and creation corporate indentities.
  • Virtual Product Presentation using Flash+3D or inmersive simulations.

El sitio Flash de Ars Longa estará disponible en breve.

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Ars Longa is the digital portfolio of Antonio Frade, a web designer that lives in Coruña.

All the works shown here are Antonio Frade's works, they have all rights reserved and are property of Antonio Frade or its respective owners. Its forbidden its use or display without the expresses consent of the author.

Ars Longa has been created using XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.1 and jQuery, be fully compilant with the W3C rules both in code and usability and accesibility matters. Additionally the layout has been correctly tested in the following browsers:

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